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Temp.+Humidity Controller With Volt Meter :

Overview / Features :


Size Available In
90 X 185 MM

Inbuilt Volt Meter 

=> Timer
=> HI/Low Alarm
=> Water Cut Off.


O) Microcontroller based, Double display
O) Power Supply 220VAC
O) Input 3.3VDC or RTD
O) Control: PID or On/Off
O) Range : RTD -50.0 To 400.0 C
                  Humidity 0 To 100%
O) Temperature As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Humidity As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Ct 1 To 60 for SSR output & 10 To 120 second for Relay output adjustable
O) Auto tuning require for pb, It & dt value
O) Hysteresis 0.2 or 2 To 25.0 C or 25 C adjustable as per range selection for RTD
O) Delay 0 To 250 second adjustable for cooling control
O) Err -display if Sensor break ,open & reverse.
O) Relay trip if sensor breaks, connection open or connection reverse.
O) Calibration Error correction by front key switch (No preset setting)