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Touch Screen Controller For Temperature + Humidity :

Overview / Features :


Size: 96 X 96 MM
Data Logging In Pen DriveSeparate File of EVENT Data Logging( HI/Low Temp., Water Cut. Alm, Etc.
=> RS-485 
=> 21 CFR


O) Microcontroller based, Humidity & Temperature controller
O) Supply 24 V DC
O) Temperature Sensor Input : RTD PT100
O) Humidity Sensor Input: 1.) 3.3V, 5V, 10V
                                          2.) 4-20mA (Factory Fix)
O) Output: 1.) Dry Heater SSR/Relay
                  2.) Wet Heater SSR/Relay
                  3.) Cooling SSR/Relay
                  4.) Alarm
O) PID Control for Humidity & Temperature
O) Range: Temperature 0-100.0 C (As per Sensor)
O) Humidity 5 to 100% (As per Sensor)
O) Temperature As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Humidity As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Settable logging time , date , month, Year , and Time for data logging function
O) Ct 1 to 60 for ssr output
O) Auto tuning require for pb, It & dt value of humidity & temperature
O) Delay 0 to 250 second adjustable for cooling control
O) Defrost on & off time setting for auto defrost
O) Manual defrost by defrost Symbol on Process Screen
O) Timer function enable/Disable
O) Timer Hold & Run with respect to Humidity & Temperature control Band
O) Memory of Time value
O) Water level input (Potential Free contact – NC Healthy) to protect Wet Heater
O) Low water level indication.
O) Alarm on In case of sensor Break or water level low
O) Alarm as per High And LOW Alarm band
O) Relay trip if sensor break or connection open
O) Calibration Error correction (No preset setting)