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Overview / Features :

Size Available In
96 X 96 MM
72 X 72 MM
Action: T/P or On-Off
Output: SSR/Relay


 O) Micro controller based, Single display

O) Supply 220 V Ac
O) Input: RTD, J or K
O) Output: 1. Relay Contact or SSR
O) TP/On/Off Control 
O) selection Range: RTD : -50 To 400'C             
                                   J Type 0 To 600'C
                                  K Type 0 To 1200'C
O) Temperature As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Hysteresis adjustable as per range selection for RTD J & K Type
O) Open display if Sensor break display if connections reverse.
O) Relay trip if sensor breaks, connection open or connection reverse.