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6 Digit
4 Digit
3  Digit

Also Available Open Material 


110 mm dia. magnifying Glass
Audible Confirmation of Each Count
Uniform Glare Free Illumination
Digital readout from 0 - 9999
Marker pen
Wolfhuegel Glass Grid without Focusing Facility
Retaining Of Last Value In Case Of Power Failure.

These are designed to provide light effects for multipurpose viewing in Bacteriology, Virology & Mycology Labs. An ideal instrument for
counting Bacterial and Mould colonies in culture work. It provides uniform glare free illumination to minimize the strain on eyes and clearly
defines even small colonies. A 100 mm dia lens covers the entire illumination field and its magnification assures highly accurate results.
Counting plate with standard Wolfhuegel ruling ensures clearly differentiated and sharply defined colonies. Supplied complete with counting
plate and lens. This model is fitted with 4 digits L.E.D. Digital Display. It minimizes the strain of counting. Each touch of Marking Pencil on the
Petridish increments the colony count by '1' and the glowing L.E.D. Digital Display depicts the total colony count, thus relieving the technician
from the tedious task of counting and eliminating the chances of error. Maximum colony count possible up to 9999. Provided with a manual
RESET of digital display. ON/OFF switch, counting pencil, cord and plug. Suitable to work on 220V. Single Phase 50Hz, AC Supply.