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Strip Chart Recorder :

Overview / Features :


Potentiometric Strip Chart Recorders For Various Processes Industries With
High Accuracy And Fast Response To The Change In Parameters Having
Rugged Assembly For Any Environmental Conditions. We Use Sealed
Potentiometer Or Conductive Plastic Potentiometer (Japan) Suitable For
Environmental Conditions. Power Supply 240vac / 110 Vac & For MA Or MV Dc Signals. 24vdc / 12vdc Power
Supply Can Be Incorporated.
Different Models In Single Pen, Two Pens And Multi Point (Six Point)
Recorder Are Manufactured In 100 Mm, 120 Mm, 180 Mm And 250 Mm Chart Width Having Fix Speed Of
20 Mm, 60 Mm And 120 Mm Or Adjustable Chart Speeds By Selector Switch Upto 960 Mm/hr By Stepper
Motor. Inputs Of Temperature, RTD, And Thermocouple. Linear Input Like 4 - 20 M Amp, 0 - 10 V Dc Or As
Specified Are Manufactured Taylor Made. Useful For Parameters Like, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, Current,
Voltage, PH, Conductivity, Wind Flow, Wind Direction, Radiation Etc.
For Economical & Suitable Offer Please SpecifyThe Following Points :-
1] Input 2] Range 3] Chart Speed .