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Temp. Controller-BOD ( Heating & Cooling ) :

Overview / Features :


Size Available In
96 X 96  |  72 X 72  |  48 X 48 MM

Optional Output:-
o) HI/Low Alarm
o) Timer


O) Microcontroller Based, Double Display
O) Supply 220 V AC
O) Input : PT-100 Type RTD
O) Output: (1) Heater : RELAY/SSR
                  (2) Cooling: RELAY/SSR
                  (3) Alarm: Buzzer / Relay ( OPTIONAL )
O) Heating & Cooling Control
O) Set Temperature Setting As Per Range Adjustable In Set Mode.
O) Set Cooling Setting As Per Range Adjustable In Set Mode.
O) Cooling Hysteresis 0.2 To 25.0 C Adjustable.
O) Cooling Relay Delay Time Setting
O) Defrost On & Off Setting
O) High/Low Alarm Setting 0.3 To 25.0 C Adjustable Above And Below Set Value.
O) PID for Heating Control and On-Off for Cooling Control
O) Auto tuning selectable.
O) Cycle Time (Ct) 1 To 60 Second Adjustable for SSR/RELAY Output.
O) Delay 0 to 250 Second Adjustable for Cooling Control.
O) Proportional Band (Pb) Adjustable.
O) Integral Time (It) (Reset) 0 to 3600 Second
O) Derivative Time (dt) (Rate) 0 to 3600 Second.
O) OPEn Display if PT-100 RTD (Sensor) Break.
O) Relay Trip & Give Alarm if PT-100 RTD Break or Open.
O) Alarm Output Optional.
O) Alarm Mute by Decrement Key.
O) Manual Defrost on by Increment Key (Press for 5 Second)
O) Calibration Error Correction (-25.0 To 25.0 C).
O) Timer Function Optional.
O) Selection of Timer Function: (1.) Power On (2.) Temp. Achieve.
O) Sock Time Logic for Both Heating / Cooling.