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Vertical Autoclave - Touch Screen :

Overview / Features :

Size: 96 X 96 MM
Data Logging In Pen Drive
Separate File of EVENT Data Logging( HI/Low Temp., Water Cut. Alm, Etc.


O) Microcontroller based, Touch screen Graphic display
O) Input PT100 type Rtd.
O) Digital input for water level (NC Healthy)
O) Real Time Clock Time Section And Data Logging Time Selection
O) Process value, Set value , Date , Real Time
O) Print On Thermal Paper Using Printer
O) Output: 1) Heater - Relay
                  2) Valve - Relay
                  4) Water Cut - Relay
                  3) Alarm - Buzzer
O) Heating Control
O) Set Heater temperature setting as per range.
O) Valve temperature(Purg)setting as per range adjustable.
O) Hysteresis 0.2 to 25.0c adjustable.
O) Valve open time (E.on) 1 to 60 sec adjustable.
O) Valve Close time ( 1 to 60 sec adjustable.
O) PID or On-Off for Heating Control
O) Auto tuning selectable.
O) Cycle Time(Ct) 1 to 60 Second Adjustable for SSR output.
O) Proportional Band (Pb) Adjustable
O) Integral Time(It) (Reset) 0 to 3600 Second
O) Derivative Time (dt) (Rate) 0 to 3600 Second.
O) Pressure display if Pres is Enable.
O) OPEn display if PT100 Rtd (Sensor) break.
O) Relay trip & give alarm if PT100 Rtd break or open.
O) RS485 output for online data logging.(optional)
O) Purging selection Enable & Disable