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Temp. + Timer Controller LCD Display :

Overview / Features :

Size: 96 X 96 MM
Optional: RS-485 For Data Logging


O) Microcontroller based, 16x2 LCD display
O) Power Supply 220VAC
O) Input J, K or RTD Selectable
O) Output 1: Relay Contact/SSR
                 2: Alarm contact or Buzzer
O) Control: PID or On/Off
O) Range: J Type 0 To 750C
                    K Type 0 To 1200C
            RTD Type 0 To 400C
   RTD.1 Type -50.0 To 400.0C
O) Timer Range: 0 To 9999 Minutes ( Timer )
O) Temperature As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Alarm 0.0 To 25.0 or 0 To 250 as per range adjustable
O) Ct 1 To 60 for SSR output & 10 To 120 second for Relay output adjustable
O) Auto tuning require for pb, It & dt value
O) Auto tuning Hysteresis adjustable.
O) Hysteresis 0.2 or 2 To 25.0 C or 25 C adjustable as per range selection for RTD
O) Hysteresis 2 To 250 C adjustable as per range selection for J & K Type
O) Delay 0 To 250 second adjustable for cooling control
O) OPEn display if Sensor break & -rEV display if connections reverse.
O) Relay trip if sensor breaks, connection open or connection reverse.
O) Calibration Error correction by front key switch (No preset setting)
O) Real Time clock Indication.
O) Delay start as per RTC setting (with Enable/Disable)
O) Off line data logging time 0 To 250 Minute settable
O) Off Line data storage up To 2047 Data
O) Soak time