Circullar Chart Recorder
Sonics Control Systems Offers Potentiometric Circular Chart Recorders For Various Processes Industries With High Accuracy And Fast Response To The Change In Parameters Having Rugged Assembly For Any Environmental Conditions. Sealed Potentiometers Japan Makes Are Used Suitable For Environmental Conditions. Straight Or Arc Shape Charts Available. Display With Single Set Point Controllers Can Be In Corporate In Some Models. Pen & Charts Are Available Of Other Makes Also. Different Models In Single Pen, Two Pens Recorder Is Manufactured In 152 Mm, And 270 Mm Chart Diameter Having Speed Of 24 Hours Per Revolution Or 7 Days Per Revolution As Per The Specifications. Inputs Of Temperature, RTD, Thermocouple. Linear Input Like 4 - 20 M Amp, 0 - 10 V Dc Or As Specified Are Manufactured Taylor Made. Useful For Parameters Likes, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, Current, Voltage, PH, Conductivity Etc.


Highly Precise Sealed Potentiometer As A Feedback Element.
Highly Precise & Accurate Synchronous Or Stepper Motors.
Predefined Input Signal K, J, R, S, T Thermocouples, DC MA, DC MV, RTD (Length Compensated).
Accuracy Level 0.5 % FSD.
Chart Speed 1 Day Or 7 Day / Revolution Selectable (Stepper Motor). OR Fixed Speed Predefined 4Hrs,8 Hrs,12 Hrs, 24
Hrs, 7 Days One Of It (Synchronous Motor)
Range Selectable Through Span-zero Adjustment By Source.
Power Supply 110 VAC / 240 AC 50 Hz (Predefined) Chart Circular Disk Type.
Predefined Built In Indicator Or Controller Single Set Point.
Straight Line Recorder Having Pointer, Writing Pen On One Carriage For Better Response And Accuracy.
Circular Chart Writing Widths 52.5mm, 100mm (100mm Dia. & 257mm Dia.).
Easily Replaceable & Disposable Fiber Tip Pen.
Time Vs Process Value Continuous Line Graph.

Process Parameters Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ph, Conductivity, Gas Conductivity, Gas Analysis,
AC Voltage,AC Current ,kw, KVA,Power Factor, Frequency, Radiation, And Wind Direction, Wind Speed Etc.

Technical Specification.
Housing : MS Enclosure With Powder Coated Black Coloured
Front Door : Transparent Acrylic Sheet.
Back Connector : Screw Terminal Block.
Dimensions : See Drawing Beside.
Consumption : 25 To 50 VA As Per Model.
Working Conditions : Temp. 10 C To + 50 C & 0 80 %Rh
Weight : 5 Kg To 10Kg Net.


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